Roof Insulation

Truefoam’s EPS roof insulation is reliable, cost-effective and compatible with major roofing materials and systems.

TrueFoam has been producing quality EPS roof insulation for over 40 years. Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) stands the test of time and EPS roof insulation is a proven performer in roofing applications. Field studies of EPS roof installations that are 20 to 25 years old and older show that EPS roofing insulation performs well in roof applications.

EPS roof insulation has no thermal drift and does not use blowing agents that diffuse out of the insulation. EPS roof insulation R-values remain stable over their entire life without loss of R-value.

TrueFoam EPS roof insulations are engineered to give you the greatest possible control for your roofing system application. From design and timelines, to materials and costs, TrueFoam products have virtually unlimited design flexibility and can be easily customized. This gives our products the ability to be used for any industrial structure in a wide variety of applications and excellent for flat roof home remodel.

Green Energy Efficient Products

The advantages to using TrueFoam EPS roof insulations are:

  • State-of-the-art insulation and energy efficiency
  • Improves interior comfort and reduces high energy costs of keeping a building comfortable
  • Longer term Thermal Resistance (stable R-value: no thermal drift like XPS or ISO)
  • Unlimited fabrication available: tapered and flat
  • Variety of density, thickness and size
  • Optimum design flexibility for the architect and saves the roofer/applicator time and labour
  • Quick production time: plants in Atlantic Canada mean shorter shipping distances combined with a lightweight and easy-to-handle product will simplify your operations and reduce labour costs
  • Cost-effective
  • EPS is unaffected by moisture. Exposure to water, or water vapor, does not cause swelling
  • EPS withstands the rigors of temperature cycling, assuring long-term performance
  • EPS will not decompose and will not support mould or mildew growth
  • Meets ASTM C578
  • Building code recognized
  • FM approved
  • Single-Ply, MOD-BIT, and BUR compatible
  • Contains no CFC, HCFC or HFC blowing agents
  • EPS is inert and stable and does not produce methane gas or contaminating leachates
  • EPS roof insulation is recyclable and environmentally friendly

Roof Drainage

TrueFoam Tapered Roof Insulation was developed more than 30 years ago with a dual purpose: to drain and insulate dead-level roof decks. Lightweight TrueFoam EPS is a value-engineered system that has been proven in new and re-roof applications.

The roofing industry accepts that membrane performance and roof drainage go hand-in-hand. Membrane manufacturers will not guarantee the performance of their system without positive drainage and building codes mandate this.

Simply stated, all single-ply, modified bitumen and BUR roofing membranes are less likely to leak and fail if water is not standing on top of them. Potential water damage to the building and its contents is thus eliminated. Tapered EPS provides the drainage and insulation necessary under all commercial roofing systems. It has been used successfully in millions of square feet of single-ply, modified bitumen and built-up roofing. TrueFoam Tapered Roof Insulation is a great solution for low-slope roofing.

Pre-engineered, factory cut, cricket systems provide effective and economical drainage on structurally sloped roof decks.

Flat Roof Insulation

TrueFoam Flat Roof Insulation provides the high, long-term R-value of EPS. Suitable for use with all roofing membrane materials, EPS roof insulation is compatible with loose-laid and attached single-ply membranes, conventional built-up roofing or modified bitumen systems.

TrueFoam Flat Roof Insulation is unfaced EPS and is suitable for use with loosely laid single-ply membranes. It is also used with conventional BUR and mechanically or adhesively attached single-ply and modified bitumen membranes when field-applied coverboards are use. Boards are standard 4' x 4' and 4' x 8' sizes.

Type 1 EPS Data Sheet (pdf)

Type 2 EPS Data Sheet (pdf)

TrueFoam MSDS (pdf)

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