Truefoam Initiatives

Dedicated to sustainable products and practices

TrueFoam is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has implemented many green practices into our manufacturing facility:

  • New pre-expander equipment that allows the of use beads containing 33% less pentane. Although the quantity of pentane in the beads is relatively small, the fully automated new equipment has resulted in lower pentane emissions and has also improved production efficiency.
  • A water cooling tower that allows the use of recycled process cooling water, resulting in a 65% reduction in water use.
  • Product lines that enable customers to practice pollution prevention by assisting with energy conservation and product protection. Energy efficient packaging (polystryene can use up to 30% less energy than paper equivalents) eliminates a great amount of waste due to spoilage of seafood products.
  • Use of a Styromelt recycling machine results in a 95% reduction of waste volume and a reusable end product.